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  • Outdoor Air ConditionerPRODUCT CA60CBG

    Outdoor camping air conditioner developed by DAEWOO Compressor, a 45 years company specializing in compressor.
    You can be used cool with turbo cooling even outdoors.
    Lightly, Indoor & Outdoor, Anywhere, Anytime


Outdoor Air


Thank you for visiting our NEOAMICO Website

DAEWOO Compressor, a manufacturer of NEOAMICO, started as DAEWOO Electronics Compressor Co., Ltd. in 1977 has newly started as an independent corporation called DAEWOO Compressor in 2015, reborn as the world's best AC and Inverter compressor company.

Executives and employees of DAEWOO Compressor are playing a role as a leading global compressor technology company in Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia based on the No.1 market share in Korean market with vision of "The World Best Energy Solution Provider" and the slogan "challenge the limit with all might"

Specially, we sincerely thank our customers and officials for loving DAEWOO Compressor and we promise to contribute to your competitiveness by developing and supplying the best quality and world's best energy efficient compressor & outdoor appliance.

DAEWOO Compressor CEO

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